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Fencing Systems

Elite Gate Co. offers a wide assortment of fencing to suit your needs.  Protect your privacy and keep your family safe, all while adding to the value of your property. Use the navigation menu below to browse our many different fencing options.

Ornamental Fences
Swimming Pool Fences
Privacy Fences
Chain-Link Fences

Ornamental Fences

Ornamental FencesWe offer the highest quality and variety of ornamental fence materials and styles.  Our decorative designs are custom-built to your needs and specifications.  We offer iron and aluminum ornamental fencing systems with endless design possibilities--fencing that is durable, strong, and low-maintenance.

Elite Gate's ornamentals are an attractive form of security for public, commercial, industrial, and residential properties. We use only the highest quality fencing products on the market.


Swimming Pool Fences

Swimming Pool FencesIf you have a swimming pool, it is a wise idea to also put a fence around it.  Elite Gate's swimming pool fences provide safety and security, ornamental value, and compliance with insurance and municipal codes.  We offer a wide variety of fencing for pools and patio areas, including wood, pvc, and aluminum. 

Decorative and practical, our fences add that special touch to make your swimming pool complete.  Check out some examples in our gallery.

Privacy Fences

Privacy FencesElite Gate's privacy fencing provides clear property boundaries, protects your property, provides security, and helps block out noise, wind, and sunlight.  They are most commonly used to provide quiet seclusion for your backyard or swimming pool area, and are perfect for families with animals or young children. 

Our privacy fences are versatile, allowing you to choose from a variety of styles and from materials like wood, composite, or PVC. Help make your yard into an attractive retreat, all while adding protection and value to your home.

Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fences are economical, secure, and maintenance-free.  Elite Gate offers galvanized and color chain-link fencing for every type of use from your yard to tennis courts.

Contemporary color chain-link fence systems can be artistically blended into the environment to dramatically enhance any chain-link fence system. These aesthetically enhanced coated chain-link materials provide further value with the additional benefit of protecting the fencing from corrosion.

  • Residential Chain-Link Fence
    An economical solution to add safety to your home.
  • Commercial Chain-Link Fence
    Secure your property with our complete line of commercial products.
  • Industrial Chain-Link Fence
    Protect your facility with our extensive line of perimeter security chain-link products.

Three or Four-Board Fences

3  or 4 Board Fences Three or Four-Board Fences, sometimes called Post & Rail fences, are most commonly used to mark property boundaries or contain livestock such as horses or cattle. It is a very flexible style of fencing, and is especially sensible when you need to designate property lines without obstructing the view of the property.  These fence systems can be formal or informal, depending on your needs or preferences.



Picket Fences

Picket FencesPerfect for playgrounds, front yards, or for decorative purposes, picket fences are easily one of the most popular fence styles, and are a signature American classic look.  These fences define property boundaries, provide security, protect property, and establish entryways.  They can be added for aesthetic beauty, but also have many practical uses such as serving as a blockade to temper blowing winds.

Wooden picket fences are very versatile, working well with a wide array of architectural styles.  There are many ways to customize and individualize your fence.  Your fence can be finished with stains or paint, depending on the overall look you want. Picket fences can be traditional or rustic in design, and can have added touches such as decorative tops, special patterns, curves, or arches. 

Custom Fencing

Custom FencingElite Gate can create and install custom fencing solutions for any type of project you may be planning.  Whether for animal enclosures, exotic animal containment units, security cages, storage, warehouse partitions, or any other reason you can imagine, our custom fencing specialists can provide a solution for you.